Forza Motorspot 3 - Demo review

It's been a while I haven't post under game label. Well, I'm back on this game I wait impatiently ! ^^

Forza Motorsport 3 - Reveal track : Fujimi Kaido with extra BLKJ drifters !
After a hard work day at school, I can finally go home and ... I was thinking during all the day : "Forza demo ! Forza demo" in my head. Yeah I sound a bit Otaku or Hardcore Gamer but no, I'm just impatient to take the controller and make roar the engine !
Finally, I can ! I steal the controller from my big bro and I push the right trigger : magical ! The engine sound terrible ! Roaring the engine of the Audi R8. Wonderful ! The engine sound real, and more when you watch a replay.

The first impression when I did my first lap on the audi r8, the Evo 10 (in no assist) really impressed me. I can give quick impression : beautiful, a real and immersive background and the car sound like Engine god !

I played again a few hours later. Let's "read more" to see a deeper review on the demo.

Gameplay ---
It's really easy to handle. I expect it's to be harder to drive even though I alway go straight in braking phase *laugh* on my first lap. I try only in no-assist so... I can say my opinion on the assist right now since I haven't test myself. In assist, I test the famous "rewind". It's really useful since I made some big mistake or bump hard on the car in front of me. I can say one thing about it : it's social ! It makes you better and you learn from your mistakes.
In physics, I can feel more the road than in Forza 2 and that really change the feeling when you drive. How to describe, this is more in detail, more smooth but precise. It's refined,really, another good thing is the road, you feel every bump or hole on the track. I even found one hole pretty dangerous that make me lost the car control for one second since I landed on it.
And with the same physics, you can switch in drift mode with the pad-left, and I was suprised to see how you can drift (look simply BLKJ ...), it's pretty hard to stay on the line ..etc. For the counter, it judges from your speed, angle, place on the road and it's really good since it doesn't count burnout or donuts.
And of course, we end with the time attack, I, first said this is easy to drive then let's remember this sentence : "Drive is easy but going fast is hard". When you pushed at your limit, you really feel the limit on the car also ... and frankly, I didn't even go under 1 minute with the Porsche. ..hard hard, but look so real.

Look/Graphism ---
The menu look is white/red and grey. It's in my opinion, it's cool and clean. Attractive, readable and doesnt make you blind. This is a success for menu graphics. Every little things are perfectly placed.
In global graphism, the car is perfectly modelled. I appreciate the Porsche with all his color. No need to say I'm impatient to paint every car.
The cars have good reflection, nice render color on all the track.
But the most impressive is the background, Bellissima !
I add in [look] the replay mode, very important since it's one of their weak point on the previous Forza. Dull replay on Forza 2 but they rectified it ! Now, you can have a great diversity in camera angle ^^. That will be used for video editor. The replay is more lively, cars move like real cars. Sometimes I notice some little bugs like a wheel not on the floor (but I noticed it one times only ...surely because I land agressively).
In general, they improved everywhere.

EDIT : the only bad point in the demo, sometimes they have some mini freeze.

Sound ---
The engine sounds great ! I managed to hear every sound like brake, the suspension bouncing or the transmission sound. I was surprised to hear the backfire and the clutch work.
All of them was great ! nothing to say on it !

Content ---
It was just a demo, I can't judge the conten since they are no paint system, no window shop, no auction in. So ... I can't make my opinion, need to wait the entire game.

OVERALL for a demo

Good :
- Better replay
- Graphism, specially background
- Sound ! Roarrr !!
- And physics !!

Bad :
- minor bugs (don't disturb you) but not important since this is not the final build they use for the demo.
- I notice the shift light doesn't work on the Porsche.
- personal : In hard, IA bump me because I was so slow ! XD (but no more tonight haha)