To Aru Kagaku no Railgun preview


I won't stream it since it's a popular anime ...and I didn't intend to watch it now but since my brother keep telling me it's good I ended watching it lol.
I will watch it with my pace, so I'll put sometimes seldom post on Railgun ... ^^ well let's enjoy the Review !

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - OP - Large 01To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - OP - Large 02
Animation :
Good ...great ... GOD !! It's the best animation, like with Index serie, this sequel really impressed me like the original serie did. No level up since in Index this was so good. No comment on animation, it's 10/10 !

Characters :
Forgot everyone, and just keep Misaka Mikoto (lvl.5) and Shirai Kuroko(lvl.4). Add now two strangers name Uiharu Kazari (lvl.1) and Saten Ruiko (lvl.0). And we have now every main characters !! Kuroko and Uiharu are from Jugdment's member and are like super-police.
Like everyone know (even if you don't, you can see it with this scene [here]), Kuroko is in "love" with Mikoto and her behaviour can be weird and so cute sometimes (like here) but she's a person who take her job as a member of judgment seriously. I like her power : teleporter. This is so cool even if I know there is some limit to it.
Misaka Mikoto is the same, and for the two newbies, they got some good potential for a development in the serie specially Saten who doesn't have power like them.

For the plot, we have nothing in the first episode which played the role of an prologue. So ..this is a "wait and see". Frankly, I don't think I will be disappointed.
For the atmosphere and the design, this is like Index, totally similar (forgot to mention this sequel is before Index serie in my opinion) ...I have nothing special to tell on it because it's perfect. I found some scene fun and laugh catch me (like the moment with froggy charm).

...Perfect is the word that can describe this show. And we ended on a rythm OP that really catch me !! Enjoy the serie and see you for more post on Railgun !