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Battery-off ~~ Chan-co artist

I don't have enough time to do separate post for all those new animes. So I gather them in one, so I have an easier life :)
I didn't see all of them at the moment, I miss Sora no Otoshimono (people said it's funny like hell), Letter Bee (I can't find time to watch it ...), Nogizaka ...etc. But I watch anime in my pace so you will maybe see Letter Bee this week-end since I have some good hope in this serie. For the moment I have some good feeling about this fall, maybe I expect too much from Book of Bantorra but seems I forgot the newbie studio who are doing it... but we can forgive them since they're new.

Just finished Asura Cryin' II, just notice the drop quality on the design in this episode, I wasn't really in this episode, a bad one in my opinion but I'm still "suspicious" about the Burial doll and Kagakari's objective. So I keep it but I won't stream it.
For the moment, I have my no-viewing list : Inuyasha my reason...I don't follow it so no need to see the end without knowing what happened before and I'm not fan. Natsu no Arashi because I haven't watch the first season. Nogizaka ..I watch when the show end. This is all I have for the moment. I intend to keep Railgun but thanks to my bro I ended watching it -_-

Well let's begin ! On the program tonight : Kimi ni todoke and The sacred Blacksmith. --Little thanks to RandomCuriosity for those screenshots !

Kimi no Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke - OP - Large 04Kimi ni Todoke - OP - Large 02Kimi ni Todoke - OP - Large 05

I was a bit surprised, I didn't expect such a high quality in the design, a good care particularly in colors and facial expression. In my thought, I find this episode slow but I'm not saying from a negative point of view. How to explain, it's a peaceful episode, fun, entertained and it's good to relax yourself while watching it. I finished my homework and watched it, it has a relaxing effect on me.
In design, I love it, simply love this kind of design and I suppose it's very faithful to the manga. For the background atmosphere, cheerful, colorful, all made a relaxing atmosphere (I know I'm repeating myself). I really enjoy the episode but don't expect a super animation like Kobato, between this and Kobato, they are similar and good, I'm now hesitating in posting it lol.
Well, it all has good point, just add some good voice and it sound better ! In addition, Characters personality are simple : a good pleasant boy named Kazehaya and the girl I have my eye on ... Sawako (or Sadako from an another point of view). I love her little personality.

A little word on the OP and ED I found surprisingly good ~~ 

My boss is really busy lately! You can see that on the fact that I have already seen every new episodes and he not! *triumphal grin have`*
I fell in love with the trailer and was so happy that it finally aired! Ofcourse it is as slow as he told us, but wasn´t " 5 cm per a second" also slow?? I think exactly that underlines the atmosphere of that anime! The background animation is incredible, you feel like being in a paiting, where every coloure flows over into the other one!!! Perfectly animated characters would destroy that picture!
I must tell that I really thought on Sadako from " the ring" as I saw the first screenys, before I watched! Poor Sawako, being called like that! But in her weird way of thinking, she believes that she bothers other! For example because she can not greet other well! Its so cute and you totaly can understand that way of thinking!
then the Prince enters the story! Kazehaya kun is that what I imagine under a boyfriend! XP...he is truley the perfect mate for Sawako, making her open her heart, letting her trust and see people!!!
A must for lovey dovey freaks~
Folk its a must watch!!!!!!! ^ 3^

The Sacred Blacksmith

The Sacred Blacksmith - 01 - Large 24The Sacred Blacksmith - OP - Large 01The Sacred Blacksmith - 01 - Large 12The Sacred Blacksmith - OP - Large 02The Sacred Blacksmith - 01 - Large 16The Sacred Blacksmith - OP - Large 06

Another good one ! I didn't expect such a quality, I was definively caught by it. This episode looks more like a prologue to the long story between Cecily and Luke (aristocrat name ? ...).
An action-drama-fantasy anime, that make me frighten a little since we have Tales of Abyss or Tears to tiara (that just end ...woah ! good !) that are in the same category. First, I thought this little soft-smooth design can't fit this kind of anime, finally it's okay since they adapt a little during action-serious scene (look 3rd screenshot).
For the general atmosphere, not really catchy ... what it's really good are the characters, the design. I wait for more episodes to have a correct opinion, but for my first view I have a good feeling about it. It has potential !!

PS : The OP reveal a lot of things, The ED is simply too cute !
PS 2 : Lisa voice (or K-ON - Yui Hirasawa) is perfect in this role !! 

Ahh! Well first I need to say, that I am not a big fan of those Rpg/game /like /adventure animes! I had a hard time with Tower of druaga or Sword of Symphonia! But I really like Lisa!! Not only because of the K-on voice actor, no, also because of her design and how she acts!!! She made me watch this till the end!!!
Well it turned out to be a great animation! ( really good) And no ecchi at all!!!! And seriously ( for teh girls now) Luke is great, can use alchemy-like magic to form swords, a good fighter and is handsome cold! ( perfect constellation =3)
The opening song strongly reminded me on Angela, but I got it wrong! And the ending.....perfect Yui Hirasawa manner! I sooo love it and already DL it! = )