Gundam 00 movie stuff

Full view image of the double o quanta. It has a shield with its GN-blade bits hooked up to it just like reborns gundam. The Double 0quanta also has something which is either a gn buster rifle/ sword buts its hard to say.
Evyl's thought : It made me remind the 00 seven sword with the big sword on the shoulder (GN buster sword ...). Seems his right arm is a garage-weapon with multiple-sword or funnel (Cloud attack with his swords -- watch final battle Cloud/Sephiroth in FF7 Advent Children). Aside this big mysterious weapon, globally it's similar to Exia R3 body with weird legs ...(look too thin).
I don't know if behind are really the GN-particule, but it slowly confirm the new GN-Drive type ..


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Gundam Zabiniya, it has 2 gn pistols like the description says. It has a very simple design and lyle is haveing a neil dylandy pose where he slings the helmit over his shoulder. I guess he is really up for some fancy shooting. The GN pistols are looking like dynames ones. Also what are those things on its back ? some kind of defensive weapon like the shield bit.
Alle's machine is also looking very plain.
Evyl's thought : Zabiniya (not Sabinia !!!! -_-) gime me a strong impression, it looks like a Cherudim mixed with a bit of Seravee, seems they upgrade the defensive armor/part on the gundam, and it's more focused on gun fight now.
Alle's one is ... the same ? the head is cool :)