Gundam 00 movie screenshots

Lockon - Here is a lot of Gundam00 content from the special edition. A few things have been confirmed like raphael haveing a unit on its back and not a dock. Zabaniya haveing a defensive system and Harut being more of a space craft rather then an air craft which means its less aerodynamic but is able to hold more boosters.

I also suspect that these machines have new drives because the particles these machines are emitting look different. They actually resemble the particles emitted from the double o risor.

Evyl - I thank my comrade who find information. I'm pretty surprised to see these new looks. The only unchanged one is the Harut and Quanta I suppose, all others change so much. Let's comment it deeper.

If you want to get a better look at the images please double click on the images and continue reading.

Setsuna F. Seiei. -- 00 Quanta - 00 QUAN[T] :

Evyl - 00 Quanta is coming ! Seems it's really teleporting now, and his speciality is all range close combat (since he can teleport, I suppose he has a big range of attack now).
His right arm acts as a weapon and shield. ...Looks like he's the perfect Exia.
Lockon: the double O quanta is equipped with gn blade bits. This time it is a single drive unit but i would imagine enhancements have been made to the single drive making it more powerful. It now has good long range abilities with its gn blade bits which can be used to attack the enemy from different angles.

Lyle Dylandy -- Sabinia - Zabaniya :
Evyl - wow, no more sniper but a gunner. Seems it suit more Lyle's style (always acting cool, pff).
Seems Zabaniya is full of weapon and have a special shield (pic). He can see they increase the defense and offensive. I think it become more a support suit like Raphael (which is more massive attacks). But ...suspicious, they hide theirs legs.
Raiha - Its weapons will likely revolve around the double GN Pistol-style used by Lockon previously, but it also has two pairs of containers on its back. Incorporates a defensive system similar to Dynames's Full Shield and Cherudim's Shield Bits, but what could be inside the containers..?
Lockon: The Zabaniya is looking like a heavy weight gundam. This unit is armed with double gn handgun which suits lyles style of showering the whole place with gn paritcles. This unit also has a unique defensive system like shield bits made out of gn particles but i am unsure at this stage

Allelujah/Hallelujah -- Harut :
Evyl - Transformable Gundam, quick and fast-light attack. He's really look like the Arios in the last episode with the back pack for space combat. Nothing special about his Gundam design (but I always love his head).
Raiha - Transformable type of MS; the logical successor to Kyrios and Arios. It's pilot is Allelujah. While Kyrios and Arios were styled with airplane-esque silhouettes, Harut has the aesthetic of a machine designed for battle in space. While the transformation capability is a common thread, there may be no change in
Lockon: The harut has the same weaponry as arios but this time its aircraft mode has be designed to make it better suited for space. This is ideal because in space the engineers don't have to worry about aero dynamics and weight since they aren't a issue in space.

Tieria Holow ...I mean Hologram -- Raphael Gundam :
Evyl - here the most changed, still a massive attack Gundam, but his type of attack change. Since he connected through Veda, that give him more possibilities and he can control other than one mobile. Seems the Huge pack behind like a Scorpio-GN-Bazooka is impressive and he doesn't neeed anymore to use his arm. I wait a lot about his power, but I'm kinda disappointed by his head, that's all, but the whole body is similar to the Plutone (00F and 00P)
Raiha - Tieria's machine that is equipped with a huge backpack at the back. At the backpack, there is a pair of wired claw arms with internal beams attached. Though the backpack is huge, the Gundam body is slim and has the impression different from the large built of Virtue and Seravee. Moreover, though the other machines are named "Gundam + characteristic name", only Raphael is named with the characteristic name before "Gundam". You can guess that it is a special existence.
Lockon: This machine resembles some of the units used by the innovators. It has a back pack which shoots out wired claws. This can be used for a number of purposes such as grabbing a moving target.

Here are some screenshots from the gundam double 0 movie.