Raphael Gundam

Lockons Take:Here is a magazine scans of tierias new machine which looks like dynames and virtue hybrid. It Has a upper body of dynames and something that looks like a sniper camera like dynames as well as its V-fin. According to the information we have, this unit will be the one to handle all long range combat. All other machines (even lockons) are said to be close range units.
Lockon Edit: It seems a unit or back pack is also attached to its back. According to information, there is a big unit on its back with giant claw like arms. We know that seravee is known to have additional arms so perhaps its taken it to a another level with raphael where it has bigger melee combat arms like the GN armor type E has. This could suggest it could have decent close range combat abilities as well as long rang abilities.

Also i'd imagine that the 4 gn cannons mentioned are proberbly connected on the back pack then on the units shoulders its self like the cannons on the gn arms. This could mean that the cannons are alittle higher up which is why we can't seem to get see it in the image we have of it.

Raiha Impression : Good that finally second gundam already been shown. Well looks like Raphael Gundam is like the combination of dynames (head & chest) and seravee (it color). Looks like it have cloths collar XD & maybe a small orbs . Hope we will get more info about the gundam and others. Waiting for Sabinia and Harut.

Evyl impression : and the master came to end the post ! My first impression : I like the body torso, and the shoulders. After the head is massive but have a weird line (specially chin head part) but there are surely a reason behind this. Like my comrade said, it's a combination with Dynames x Seravee, a big hint : the sniper camera (holographicsniping system from Cherudim) that show Raphael unit will not be simply a long-range destroyer but a long-range-sniper-destroyer. They add more precision in his shot I suppose. Frankly, the supposition of a transformation/combination with a giant unit is ... nah nah, impossible but if you look at this pic (link) I can say Raphael is the successor of Seravee and can surely control an another part of itself, maybe it's a dock or the ptolemy version 3 or ..really a big unit behind Tieria's unit.
Speaking of Tieria, he didn't change at all, but he has no more a human body, so maybe he's like Hanayo (cf Gundam 00F) an hologram with Haro (working with Veda).
And it's not Sabinia but Zabaniya Rai ! don't look on Wiki, have faith to the first info and the Qu'ran ! ^^

Mius comment: Seriously....long range sniper.....cherudim look like....tiera gets Haro ( reading the others comments) ...THERE IS ONLY ( two) ONE LOCKON STRATOS! If they really dare to do that..then I will....hate sunrise!!!! All know that I am not a big Tieria fan, since that LockonXtieria thing came up, but stealing Lockons coolness to ungay~ tieria is unfair! =___= Only lockon startos deserves such unit and a HARO!!! HARO=Lockon

Well I don´t know anything yet, so I am going to wait! But that design does not look good to me! It has something of the ribbons gundam, but I guess its just the coloures! Tiera is suited for big weapons and heavy bazukas! Oh well time changes...*sighs* They shouldn´t dare to give lockon a heavy gundam! *fist make*
Anyways can not wait! ^______^


Azzy said...

well how come u are the one alone reporting on this?

Maya said...

I totally agree with Anna nee-chan, Haro belong to Lockon >__< (and me xD ) and there's something I don't get, don't look down on me 00 freaks, how come Tiera has a unit in the movie ? Isn't he floating nacked with Veda ? xD

Lockon said...

tieria is a hologram now he can still pilot but he proberbly can do it with his mind as a hologram