Sora no manimani - final and OVA

Hello everyone, yesterday was the Gundam 00 day with this tsunami of these pictures.
But today, I announce the end of a great show : Sora no manimani. I just watch the last episode while eating this morning, and I review it now since the last 3 episodes (I didn't comment them ...shame on me).


Episode 10 - Micchan's happiness
Micchan is in trouble, not really but seems she feels a bit bad toward Saku and she behave unnaturally. Of course, Saku sense a change in her, in his way, he decide to make a party for her. A outside stargazing party on the school roof thanks to Saku and the library president Fumie (who gave a present to Saku ..woohoo).
I was moved a little, I imagine myself, recomforting with this stargazing party.
On the other side, Roma try his best to pass his exam ...with Oumi.

Episode 11 - Stage in artic ..?
The astronomy club got an invitation for a stargazing party (again ...) during winter. They ...are freezing themself because Saku, Edogawa and Hime don't wear enough clothes. Hime, lied by saying she brought extra-clothe with her, and finally she went to the store to buy some clothes ...but during a blizzard weather, everything is closed (of course ...) and ... she lost her way to return to the camp. Everyone is worried like hell, more when Micchan go to save her ... but but BUT ! everything end in some positive thought and atmosphere thanks to Edogawa ... ~~

Episode 12 - End
It's the end !! noo !!! Everyone graduate, Roma leave in a school with Oumi (lucky guy !) And everyone do their best to recruit more members this year !
"under the same stars and the same sky ... may many relays be shared" : Ooyagi Saku

I really enjoy this serie, it has a good pace and atmosphere. And the comedy part are really good. But the theme is the most important, I was first not attracted by it, but you are really catch by it once you see it. Astronomy is really something beautiful and always bring happiness ... If in my next school I can join an astronomy club, I will go and take a look.

Animation - 6/10
Correct animation, since it's not an action anime, it doesn't need a super one like these super-production Darker than Black or Railgun.

Sound - 7.5/10
I like the background music, it's really refreshing. For the OP and ED, I don't dislike them and it really suit the anime. To be short, the music is perfect and suit the show but too bad because It's not my type of music.

Character - 8.5/10
Not enough development, it's the only thing I reproach to the serie. But everyone have their own personality. The most weird one is surely Roma and Edogawa ...I simply love Edogawa, he's so special. Sayo is charming, and of course Saku angry attitude is so fun to hear. We end on Micchan, she brings smile and life.


Design - 7/10
Simple, classic but really good and clean one.

Atmosphere - 9/10
I totally enjoy that ! Comedy scene are good, and the peaceful one (stargazing moment) was of course one of the best, the studio really tried their best to retranscribe it in TV.

Overall - 16/20
Fun, peaceful, it's an anime you can watch in family because it can touch a lot of people. It's something you watch with pleasure really and if you like astronomy then I really advise you to watch it !