Poll Result

Results :
*Fairy Tail - 32% (33 votes)
*Kimi no Todoke - 17% (18 votes)
Kampfer - 15% (16 votes)
Nyan Koi 12% (12 votes)
11 Eyes - 9% (9 votes)
The sacred Blacksmith - 8% (8 votes)
Armed Librarians : book of Bantorra - 8% (8 votes)

Total votes : 104

I didn't expect Kimi no Todoke to win, I expect more Nyan Koi or Kampfer. I 'm happy with the result. So the stream anime this fall is Fairy Tail and Kimi no Todoke !
However, when I have time, I won't hesit to post 11 eyes but no streaming video, just a comment since I watched the first 3 episodes this week and I slowly getting interested by it.

For The sacred Blacksmith, Nyan Koi and Armed Librarians, I continue to watch them and I promise a review once the anime end.

Meiko from Vocaloid - "Yay" picture !

Well, see you next time, I will put more poll in the future.