Gundam 00 flash news -- Gundam Quanta ?

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Some news about gundam, specially on the movie.
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Thanks Ngee Khiong and Rai

For the release of the Blu-ray "Gundam Double O Special Edition Celestial Beings", there is in some news and information about the new design gundam for the movie.

Lockon Edit: bigger image


I suppose it's the gundam Quanta, the new "Exia" judging from the head and colors. It have a massive torso (surely to contain a big or new type of GN-Drive ? ...), the head is like the 00-Raiser, and ...this arm on the right -> mysterious.
Oh, and everyone forgot Setsuna, he looks more mature now, like a leader ? ^^
Edit : I talked a little with Lockon (not the meister, but my friend *point down*) and we suppose the thing on Quanta arm can be a new weapon like a shield (classic) or a dragoon system weapon, and here my supposition a big canoon beam that can be used as a big beam saber (remember memori episode)
A little word, there is no image on Lockon's gundam, this one is simpl the cherudim (link)About Lockon's suit name Zabaniya, it's more special, thin torso and big legs, this is surely the most weird gundam for the moment. I have no idea on how it can look like.

Lockon: The double o quanta is looking like a hybrid of exia and double O. It has no mouth vents like exia and has a chest orb like exia. If i am not mistaken the chest orb in the previous gundams was what linked them to veda. This could suggest the gundams have re established a link with veda. The orb could also be a condenser used to store gn particles or be used to house a gn drive which could suggest that it has a gn drive on its back. I wonder if this unit has Twin drive system ? it seems its emitting gn particles from its back rather then from its side but thats still unknown at this point.

Lockon Line art :