gundam 00 movie trailer

I wonder why Lockon didn't left a comment ...too shy ? lol
Well, nothing to say on Harut, it's a classical but Allelujah show us he climb the himalaya ! haha
On the Raphael, impressive so seems he replace his 2 bazooka by this, too bad, I really like the Seravee. And here come the hologram Tieria. Now if he can appears everywhere like that, i'm sure he can peek into Lyle room haha.
The Zabiniya show his fan...his guns. Effect style with the breaking glass, I thought it was a shield or something...-_- Well, Lyle is the same, a fashion guy ^^ with cool attitude (don't be angry everyone, I know he's popular you fan !)
And we end on the most impressive, the Quanta with his big arms which hide some evil fangs/funnels like the Throne one. And no, he didn't teleport but simply protect finally.

The trailer only show us the gundam and their meister. That remind me an old trailer (for gundam 00 s2). Well, I wait more information about the crew and the story movie (and the movie of course)
Bad thing on the trailer : no girls (the CB crew), no Haro.


Maya said...

We see some members of Sunrise staff for 00...there's no women xD Anyhoo, how come Haro is not in the trailer ??? tsk tsk