Kampfer Review first episode


First, a little summary for everyone who didn't have a clue about this anime.


Genres: action, comedy, magic
Themes: ecchi, gender switch, magic, magical girl, school life
Plot Summary: Senou Natsuru is your normal, everyday high school student. However he´s been chosen to be a Kampfer, who´s objective consists on fighting other Kampfer with either guns, swords or magic, however, there´s catch; first you can´t chose if you´re a Kampfer or not, and second, you must have the body of a girl to use your powers.

I was impatient to see this in anime, but I didn't expect such a moe-ecchi side in the anime. Well it's not bad, but I think it's too much ...maybe it's me (after the fan service Princess LoveR... XD) but it's limit but it doesn't turn into a fan service anime so it's okay.

By the way, I invite you to read HobbyChaos and RandomCuriosity's first impression. I thank Random for these screenshot.

Go for the first impression !

Kampfer - 01 - Large 03Kampfer - OP - Large 01

Kampfer - 01 - Large 21Kampfer - 01 - Large 18
Natsuru (female) is really cute !!

First, opening and ending, they don't represent the quality of the show, they are neither good or bad, just easy for my ears, I can hear these songs sometimes (I, generally always skip opening and ending). Ending is quite ecchi with this weird dance (ah ~~ I can't never understand japanese who can fall for this kind of dance) but the opening is quite normal and does not reveal so much spoiler (even if I knew one more Kampfer from now ...-_-).

Kampfer - 01 - Large 12Kampfer - 01 - Large 11
I'm glad the transformation is not like Sailor moon who takes age ...

Kampfer - 01 - Large 34Kampfer - 01 - Large 02
Akane in Kampfer is really attracting

Generally, Kampfer is colorful and greatly animated. Look around, the bus, the school, have good color and it's sweet~ and is pleasant for your eyes ^^. Well nothing excellent or original. But I was really suprised to see such a good animation. The first minutes, you completely fall in, a fight between Akane and Natsuru. I'm happy in this side, it's beyond my expectation since it's going to be more action next time.

Kampfer - 01 - Large 23
Yes, this is the one who explain to you the concept.

Kampfer - 01 - Large 05
I'm ..a girl ! *kyaa*

Kampfer, fight between girls (but you can originally be a boy) ....this is a bit confusing first but you will quickly understand thanks to Harakiri Tiger and Akane.
For the scenario, the beginning is better than the manga's one. You learn properly what is Kampfer (that mean warrior according to Mia ^^) even if, there is still some dark point (I didn't know why they fight ...). These explications are better and faster.
But it still faithful to the manga. Most of the scene are identical.
If I didn't read the manga, I could say what the hell are these moderator who choose people like that, so randomly and whithout asking. It's unrespectful ! But in way, that add some spice in your life ^^

Kampfer - 01 - Large 25
Seiyuu joke ... Hayate no Gotoku ?

In Characters, It's unexpected to see in japan a man who is proud to be a man and didn't even think how it's feel to be a girl. Well, Natsuru is now a boy, and a girl. The seiyuu really did a good job by dubbing the boy and girl voice. But in the manga, it say Natsuru (girl) has a manly voice so I was wondering how he can sound.
For Akane, spliting personaly, the complete opposite for Akane (kampfer mode)who is vulgar.
And of course, Sakura-san who, I suppose you knew after watching the first episode, is lesb... ^^. She can be a secondary character since she doesn't have big place in the story but she is important to Natsuru.
The last character is the council president. Still a mysterious beauty but you will know more about her in the second episode.

In overall, a good first episode, I think there is more scene in the anime so we will be more informed. I was entertained by the animation and since I read the manga, I wait for more ^^


Double H said...

Me too!! I always skip the opening and the ending theme! haha! but hey, nice review!^^ and wth is that seiyuu anyway? XD

Evyl-kun said...

seiyuu is the voice actor ^^

LMAO said...

"It's unexpected to see in japan a man who is proud to be a man and didn't even think how it's feel to be a girl"

What?? Where do you get this from? So in Japan there aren't "manly" men?

Anonymous said...

I like it anime it's funny.....