Random: Anime shopping

Asia is pleased, you guys know that ne??? I was arriving at SG n at my first day I found my first Anime stuff shop! lols Oh yeah and I bought the Gundam 00 second seasn ( New Century) picture book! Anyways thats a collection of that what I got!

In that picture here you can see Gundam Seed/destiny figurines!! Its from the lucky guessing boxes , 3 euro for each of it ( 6 singapore dollars !) Since you take a box and have no clue whats inside I can tell to be incredible lucky! Because I´got 2 Lacus, Kira and my Athrun! The small figures are from the smaller boxe ( 2 euro each/ 4 singapore dollars) As you can see its Auel from seed destiny and Cagalli in her brown see wear!! = )
And Lacus rocks! lols

In this picture we do have Flay!!! I so could burn that ....er ya! I told Yuu to decide and that came out!!! Behind useless Flay you can see the Suzaku voice doll! Its says "Dasihobo mattasete" Totaly cute! next to him is Miriallia and Wang liu Mei! And then you have there little Billy ( wanted setsie) and Yzak! = )
Well I got them all during the 2 weeks!! I mean How can I resist when you suddenly enter an anime related shop and you have never done it before??
Anyways lets move on to the next stuff! Oh yeah there is more!! T___T But I don´t regret it at all!!!!

The Kinokonyia shopping! Japans biggest books store, with a billion of mangas and anime related stuff! You can get everything related to gundam model kits there ( I mean in form of a book)! = ) Well thats what I bought! Lets start with the last line from the left! The New type magazine...its my first one n I never thought to get one!!! Followed by the gundamm 00 officel file ( ya its lyle at teh cover), then to the gundam oo picture book! You can find every minitokyo scan to gundam 00 in it!!! =) And the last one is the picture book for Fafner of the Azure, with comments of the director and voice actors!! The other line is obvious! Those are mangas! The gundam seed and code geass one are translated into english, while the gundam 00 S2 one is still in Japanese!! I found the 00p one too, but they dun seem to translate it!! ^_____^
Then I got the super huge lyle dylandy poster in green! But I dun dare to take it down from my wall!!!!!

I finally could get lacus hair clip for the cosplay! And as I entered the store I didn´t stop to laugh as Yuu showed me Roy Mustang's gloves!! Thanks for buying it!! I so love them! ^____^

Then to the beloved day as I got the Gadess model kit! In the internet forums was said that the gadess is a limited version and incredible hard to get...still don´t believe that! Well my last hope was for singapore! And yay I got it! The shop owner even remembered my face and stopped me at the toys and comic convention, if I already bought !! =) Its such a pretty unit!!! well what brings me to my smallest, but most precious thing! I bought it at the comic con! I went through those old super cheap anime stuff....where u usually can not find something! And there was it...suddenly..in my hand! I obviously started to breath hard, because its gundam! XD Well its a kiraXlacus note book! And I don´t dare to write in it, since its so precious!!! And I still say: "KIRA is only COOl 'cause of LACUS!!!!!!!!"

Mata NE ~~