News: Abingdon Boys School Europe Tour

As you can read in the header! Abingdon Boys School is having europe tour! I would call it german tour...since the most cities on the list are from there!!!!! Its the first time EVER they play in Europe! So guys a must see!!!

I didn´t hear of them for ages, I mean having a concert and all! And now they will come to Europe!! Gundam freaks, like I am, know that the lead singer is teh incredible Takanori Nishikawa , aka T.M Revolution!! Known for the songs Vestige, Ignited, Invoke and Meteore of Gundam Seed/Destiny! But lets speak of the whole band! Known for song like " Howling" of Darker than black! Or the genius " JAP" or " Innocent Sorrow" of D.grey man!!!

For myself it was ever a wish to hear Takanoris voice live, since its breaking everything ( even glas O.o???) If you r a europy then u should check out the cities and halls they stay!!!

04.11.09 Tavastia/ Helsinki FIN
06.11.09 Klubben/ Stockholm SE

07.11.09 Markthalle/ Hamburg GER
08.11.09 Columbiaclub/ Berlin GER
10.11.09 Zeche/ Bochum GER
11.11.09 La Locomotive/ Paris F
12.11.09 The Underworld/ London UK
14.11.09 Metropolis Music Hall/ M√ľnchen GER ( Thats MINE...heheh~)

If its not next to you! Then check out Miyavi! He is actually having his world tour!! ?= )

Here the song! =)