This is Lockon's monologue from gundam Ace ( i think)

I can’t seem to be able to back up Setsuna who is fighting with a Gundam-type, but… I became in charge of 1 Innovator machine.
In the battle with Ali Al Saachez, Cherudim was damaged all over, but it doesn’t mean that it’s badly damaged.
Moreover, the enemy that no longer receives the backup from Veda should not be able to exhibit the abilities of an Innovator.
The chances of winning are 50-50.
No, I’m probably a little disadvantaged.
But then…

“Haro, how is the Trans-am!?”
“One second possible, one second possible”

Hearing the information from Haro, I see the Innovator machine come near and aiming for the Cherudim.
And then I invoked the Trans-am.
A second.
The world.
Became dyed in red.

-- I hear my brother’s voice.

No, it’s not just the voice.
My brother is here. [kitaaaaaaaa~~~!]
My brother.
My older twin brother divided from me by blood.
Neil Dylandy, is here.

With a patch on his right eye, and with a calm smile all over his face, he looks intently at me.
At the time that he opened his mouth to talk, he accosted me with a joking expression on his face.
“What are you doing in this kind of place, Lyle?”
“What do you mean’what’…”
“What, what did you become a Meister for? You disliked rivalry didn’t ya.”
“That, you’re talking about the time when we were little kids. …Since then more than 20 years have passed… I’m quite different in many ways.”
“What was your reason for joining Katharon?”
“Because I wanted to voice my objection to the Earth Federation’s policies… If I say it like that, it makes me sound good, but the real thing is actually simple…… ”

“What is it, tell me.”
“…As a matter of fact, our house was… that house where we lived with father, mother, and Amy, was in the way of the Solar Power’s Reception System construction site, and the land was forcibly taken from us. They gave us in exchange, security money that we didn’t ask for…”
“Is that so? That house was…”
“Is my folly laughable?”
“Why would I laugh? If you’re going to put it that way, then I’m more of an idiot than you are. In order to exterminate the terroristic acts that killed father, I joined Celestial Being, became a Gundam Meister, and then… …”
“I defeated Ali Al Saachez”
“There was vengeance at last. For you too.”
“…Ah, you were saved because you’re good.”
“Is there something on your mind?”
“…No, it's that, you’re the next in line”
“I’m the next in line?”
“Since you became a meister, how will you live after this. Me, you… I thought that it would be good if you lived your life the way you want it to...”
“You kept giving me money that I didn’t ask for, even when I have reached college.”
“Because I completely missed my footing. I wished you wouldn’t be like that… It’s my ego…”
“The Dylandy family blood is undeniable”
“Haha, indeed”
“… …”

“…Don’t you have, any regrets?”
“…I have none. I, up to now, have lived up to today by resisting all things. When I was a kid, I opposed you. And adults, and society…. When people gather, surely some sort of friction happens. I didn’t want to be involved in such things. That’s why I left from that sort of group of people, I lived looking on with cynicism.”
“…Were you scared…?”
“…You could say that. Because I was scared to part with anything, right from the beginning I owned nothing.”
“Because criticizing is easier than keeping on agreeing.” [EDIT2: I still don't get it]
“It’s just like that, brother… I escaped… from each and everything…”
“… …”

“…But, when I met Anew Returner, people understanding each other, I understood what it is to understand each other. I live in order to create a world like this. I have disconnected from my path, I have shunned society, but I will keep facing the world in the Gundam.”
“…Are you resigned to do that…?”
“…I am resolute. …Brother, I have thrown away Lyle Dylandy. I fight as Celestial Being’s Lockon Stratos. … With father and mother, Amy, and also your spirit, my whole self is burdened with… and now, Anew too…”
“…Okay, if that’s the case, then do it. The path that you yourself chose… Run through that path as fast as you can. As reckless as you can”
“Alright, brother”
“…And from here, I have one request”
“A request?”
“…Setsuna… That guy, because he is just impossible. Please support [I didn’t translate the katakana literally, because “follow” in English is a synonym for “take his lead”. “Follow” here is like “shadow” or “watch over his back”] him.”
“…Roger. I no longer have any resentment towards him. As a comrade who I battle with, we get along well”
“…And one more thing”
“It’s nothing. …Lyle… No, Lockon Stratos… Snipe… for the world.”
“Snipe, for the world”
“That’s right, snipe…!”
And from within the red world.
He vanished.

Entrusting everything to me.
My brother,
melts into the world.

1 second.

I invoked Trans-am in the mere single second, Cherudim rotated and went to the back of the Innvotor machine.
While I was pondering on my brother’s words, I extracted the treasured GN Pistol mounted on Cherudim’s back, in an underhand style –
And then, as the Trans-am ended, pulled the trigger.
Thousands of particle beams passed through the enemy’s cockpit.

I shot until the GN Particles stored in the GN Pistol were exhausted, and at that moment, the enemy machine exploded.
At the same time, Cherudim snapped.
While confirming that the enemy has been brought down using my field of vision whose right side is dyed in red, I strongly declare:

To Anew.
To my brother.
To my family.
And, to the world.

This is--.
“…This is, Celestial Being…!”

---- --- -- -
Final thoughts: Lyle seemed to of become lost in society and because of that he had trouble understanding others. He seems to now dedicate him self to the cause of Celestial being and has now decided to throw his old self away and become Lockon stratos.

So would it be right to still call him lyle after reading this?