Black Rock Shooter and Canaan

I love figurine, and cute one are .... *__*
Always having a "me want" attitude when I see one of them ^^.
Black Rock Shooter and Canaan ... they have things in common like .. being in this news ? or having Nendoroid ? Well, .. maybe an anime now ....

First, let's begin with Canaan, here two beautifuls figures : a nendoroid one and 1/8 scale figure.
- Nendoroid Canaan [more information/pics here]
  • Price 3,500 Japanese Yen
  • Release Date 2009/12
  • Specifications Painted ABS&PVC posable figure - not to scale - stand included - approximately 100mm in height
  • Sculptor Itou Reiichi
- Figure 1/8 Canaan [more information/pics here]
  • Price 8,800 Japanese Yen
  • Release Date 2010/01
  • Specifications Painted PVC figure - 1/8 scale - approximately 200mm in height
  • Sculptor Kunihito Iwamoto
A CANAAN release, only on the character Canaan but you know there is an Alphard Nendoroid and surely a 1/8 scale figure also (in project ?) ---- picture here : [1] [2].
There are so cool, I want both of them ! It's on my dream list ... when I'm free and live alone I will buy them :P

Let's go for Black Rock Shooter news now ....

Now Black Rock Shooter, you know it, there is a cool figure on it [here] also but this time, it's not on a PVC figure but an adaptation anime of this famous vocaloid "sequel" (not an official Vocaloid character).
More information, a pilot edition will be out on september [more information here], but the serie is scheduled for Spring 2010.


Here the cast :
  • Director: Yoshioka Shinobu (Haruhi episode director)
  • Character Designer: Matsuo Daisuke (Kannagi graphic director)
  • Music: ryo
  • Supervisor: Yamamoto Yutaka
  • Animation Production: Ordet
It's so great to hear that, and I' wait this with an impatient attitude X), you can watch again the original PV on youtube [here].
But a little peek for the hyper-fan ... but you can skip all the beginning because the interesting thing is at the end.

As I can see and confirmed by Danny Choo, the animation look awesomeness and ...I'm in *mode "can't wait"*
Oh still thinking about their common things ...well it's simple, it's the company GoodSmileCompany haha...

Source : [Moetron] and [Danny Choo]