Gundam Expo -- Unicorn

Gundam Unicorn : Battle between Sinanju and Unicorn by Sandrum

I suppose most of you know it, but the announcement of an Unicorn as a serie is now official ! It was announced during the gundam expo, so the rumor from 2 weeks ago was real ... I'm glad to hear the product is in OAV, because I already see me in the future if it's out in a movie ---> Frustration face lol.
This is under the form of an OVA that we will see it, precisely 6 OVAs of 50min (I suppose it's coming on DVD more than airing on TV) scheduled for a release of the first OVA this spring 2010.
I think we have a gundam 00 movie before so I think we will be busy with gundam this year while waiting for the new gundam serie after this good gundam 00 (even if I think are not the best one, all hail Nu-gundam ! XD).
The Author say that the first OVA will cover the 2 first volum of the novel.

Update : Video trailer from the Gundam Expo is available.
I also confirmed it will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray and it will be a worlwide release.

[Source : ANN, and I thank again Ivan who sweetly give his agreement to use his work, please visit his Deviant Art and his blog]