Gundam Expo bis

Oh my ...after this Gundam expo, it's a rain of great news about gundam.

"Go ! gogo !" -- works by Sandrum

For the moment, stay with Gundam Unicorn, some news about the seiyuu ... and welcome to the site [here] !
Here the cast voice for the serie :
Banagher Links Kouki Uchiyama
Audrey Burne Ayumi Fujimura
Takuya Irei Hiro Shimono
Micott Bartsch Haruka Tomatsu
Riddhe Marcenas Daisuke Namikawa
Mihiro Oiwakken Megumi Toyoguchi
Marida Cruz Yuko Kaida
Full Frontal Shuuichi Ikeda
Angelo Sauper Tetsuya Kakihara
Suberoa Zinnerman Hideaki Tezuka
Cardeas Vist Takayuki Sugo
Syam Vist IchirĂ´ Nagai
Alberto Wataru Takagi
Flaste Schole Rikiya Koyama
Daguza Mackle Hiroki Touchi
Some comments about the seiyuu cast, Banagher Link (Soul Eater) and Audrey Burne (Kokuto's sister in Kara no kyoukai), I suppose the two main characters, are not really popular but there are good voices ! Well, there are not only unknow seiyuu in the cast so don't worry ^^

It's now about the gundam 00 movie news, sorry I'm too lazy to type it so copy paste power ! lol ..well here it is :
The “Gundam 00 Next Mission” event has been held today at the Gundam Big Expo. Some information about the Mobile Suits of the movie sequel of Gundam 00 has been released :
  • Gundam 00 Quanta, Setsuna’s unit. Exia’s lineage. It has binders and shield on its left shoulder, as weel as numerous Funnels (informal name).
Lockons thoughts: The double os successor unit since it has returned does that mean o gundams drive made it out alright?. Or is it useing brand new drives to make up its twin drive system. No more o risor required since it seems something like the risor system is actually built in to the double o quanta. This suit is exia lineage as always which means it will be a sword type but this time it has fang like weapons which will be useful, its the only weapon the double o risor was lacking.
Evyl's thoughts : no big news in, but the name "Quanta" means a lot as Lockon said. Well, seems the technology of the twin drive system is okay and can be used at his maximum. Exia lineage in style of fighting and surely in the design too.
  • Gundam Harut, Allelujah’s unit. Harut and Marut are two angels mentioned in the Qur’an. The Gundam has a visor like the Astraea and the GN Archer. It can transform.
Lockons thoughts: Allelujah's unit and the successor to arios. Not much information here but its said it has a visor like astrea( the one Fon piloted) The purpose of that visor was to hide the fact that the astrea was a gundam. Maybe its the same here or maybe it holds some other purpose
Evyl's thoughts : Harut and Marut ...Allelujah and Hallelujah's on purpose. A mobile suit transformable is for him ! A visor look more like a jet in transform mode ? haha
  • Gundam Zabaniya, Lyle’s unit. The Zabaaniyah are the gardians of Hell in the Qur’an. Looks like a close-combat unit. It has a slim torso and big legs like the Virtue. It carries a “GN Armor lite” on its back.Main weapon : Double hand gun.
Lockons thoughts: Finally a gundam that lyle can call his own,This unit is said to be a close range type shooter which is ideal for lyle since he is more a close range shooting kind of guy as he showed in the battle agaisnt ali and revive.It has something called a "GN armor lite"which i would assume is a portible gn arms type weapon controled by haro. The double hand gun would proberbly be like arios rifle and cherudims gn pistol combined
Evyl's thoughts : A lot of reference to the Qur'an, I'm not interested in this when I hear 'thin torso and big legs" ...I'm waiting to see it.
  • Gundam Raphael, Tieria’s unit. See the Archangel Raphael. It has wired cannons in its fingers (like the Belphegor Gundam) and 4 cannons on its shoulders.
Lockons thoughts: Tieria is back but i hear he is a holagram, So it has finger cannons along with shoulder cannons. Tieria maybe handleing all the long range combat this time around.
Evyl's thoughts : fusion of Nadleeh and Seraphim.

Seems everyone got some new upgrade, no more mobile suit ...haha I want now some pics !! I wonder if Haro got some evolution too lol

Source [SRW blog] [ANN]