C76 -- Trailers -- updated

[UPDATE = 17/08] I add other animes and some better video part.
I'm too lazy, yeah I know, lazyness is one of the biggest positive default of the world lol but I won't post these trailers. I'll just add my comment.

So to see these trailers, it's here --- C76 TRAILERS, I'm thankful toward Moetron and the youtube uploader wx7047.

However, I'll put the video link before every comments ; I won't do a comment for each serie/dvd trailers so ... be sure to watch every video on Moetron.

Shakugan no Shana S
It seems to be a special dvd ... because I don't see a drop of action in the trailer. Well I don't know a lot but no new thing in the trailer, no new badass enemy ...just some love dovey scene between Shana and ... "melon pan" lol, I'm joking, I'm talking about Yuuji of course.

Fate/Stay Night - unlimited blade works [update new video in better quality]
It was so great that I watched the trailer twice ! haha ... Unlimited blade works huh ..It's one of Archer's technic name so it might be focus on Archer and Emiya Shiro.
Nothing new ... but seems the animation is very good and the "color" of the anime is still the same as the anime so It's faithful to the game and the serie in all points, but it's better :P . A little reminder, the movie is out in japan the 23rd January 2010, so nice to celebrate winter and new year !

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
Sequel of To Aru Majutsu no Index, with Misaka and the other student who can teleport. It will introduce new characters and ...no Toma Kamijo ...maybe a guest appearance but nothing about him ... enjoy the long trailer.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza

No real evolution between the first and the second season but it seems always fun and peaceful to watch. I'll wait the serie end to watch it *swig down move*. Maybe it's more ecchi, but if it's good as the first season then I think fanboy/fangirl won't be disappointed. Even it have nothing original in the serie (the heroine is a "noble" but she's in reality a anime lover) I'm attracted by it ...don't ask me why lol.

Hellsing OVA

We're now in a high level anime mature...I wish Needless is like that but without blood -_-
Hellsing ... this OVA is simply Great ! I have to watch the previous OVA but it seems this one is a Seras Victoria's Hellsing OVA. The evil power in her (thanks a lot Alucard !) is awakening ... haha Enjoy the trailer !!

Tatakau Shisho – The Book of Bantorra
I already see the trailer because it was out since a long time. Interesting, and more over, the song give a intense-sensation in the trailer and I like it. I think it's a mature anime (not because it's ecchi or something) but thanks to the story ..etc. Even it has a classical design so no revolution so ... and I repeat myself, I can not wait to see it !

To Love Ru -- OVA
Frankly ..I didn't watch the trailer so ... I just let you enjoy it, it's not my type of anime.

Yokuwakaru Gendai Mahou
DVD announcement ! Well I watched the 2 first episoded and it has something original even there is this little naive side in the anime that I dont really appreciate. Well ...for DVD users and mahou shojo fan, it's for you !

Chu Bra

Chu Br...Bra ? ...well It's better called Chu UnderWear or Chu Pantsu lol, well not for ..."DO.NOT.WANT."

Nyan Koi
Oh ...a cat show ! seems funny and it's look... attracting !! I will watch it just because of the cat ! lol

I wait it because I peek a little in some game trailers ...but I'm a bit disappointed ..well maybe the story is interesting but the chara-design is dull and it also look like Chaos head, just a little. For this, I think it's "wait&see".

Sekirei - pure engagement
Yeah !! finally the second season !! more fight, more power, and ... more fun !!! ha..I read the manga and I can't wait to see it in anime !

Angel Beats
Ahaha ! a Key work ! just by hearing the studio name, I'm excited like a budgie who wants to play with me (lol ....myself reference). Oh ..I'm sure you notice the heroine (or a main character) looks like Haruhi...it was on purpose ! I have to find again the plot ...but this is on my watchlist !

Koihime Musou
For the one who watch the first season or the anime ...that mean ..not me.

I begin watching it and I say immediatly : "I know the design !" ..haha well yeah I know him, it's the one who draw "yozakura quartet". I have some wallpaper of this serie but I don't have a clue about the plot/story. I think I need to research a little but it have high chance to be on my watchlist too.

Kara no Kyoukai - movie 6
Next movie, ....*put himself in waiting mode* I better wait ...because I'm too impatient sometimes lol. Aozaki's apprentice (or Kokuto's sister if you prefer) is in action this time !! And with Shiki ..it's a explosive combo ....or not lol.

Serial Experiment Lain -- BluRay

Marketing ? or simply for fan. I hear a lot about this serie : complex, rich, and nice design ! But I won't watch it...I prefer wait for his new work who will be adapt in anime next year or later.

So this time, don't ask me "what's that ?", I frankly don't know, maybe some anime learning Japanese writing... have to do some research then lol

Darker Than Black - Ryuusei no Gemini
New trailer !! Oh ..seems April appears in the first episode saving the new heroine : Suou Pavlichenko I suppose
. Enjoy !

If you have some problem about the video or something, tell me in the shoutbox !! Thanks again Wx7047 for uploading these videos.
Well ...enjoy !