Shiki episode 9 review

Aya, couldn't resist at all, I watch straight Shiki, from the first episode to the ninth. At first, I thought it was a higurashi-like. But it is not. This is not a chinese puzzle, this anime is pretty good, I like the feeling during each episodes. Very intense for me, chilling in the idea because I'm trying to be at their place. I don't think Higurashi can be like that, because they're too surnatural (or too hardcore ^^'). Shiki is slowing turning from a slice of life (a slice of life ...just for 15 minutes from the first episode XD) to a mystery, to surnaturel, to horror. But still... we're in the "real world", others keep their human attitude, not turning into absurd (Higurashi gone wild !!! Wryyy).

The design is a little bit original, but ... it's not moe at all I'm sure ! Sometimes it's kinda creepy, I'm a little bit scared of those "full dark red eye" of those Kanemasa people. Especially Sunako. I never feel at ease while watching her. Also, I'm not a big fan of sharp chin, but just need to be used to it, that's all. And ... definitely becoming a fan of red eye, because here, they showed fear, horror .. huhuhu. It's eye of a predator ! not for bling bling ^^

The anime quality is pretty good, nice atmosphere playing with colors and background songs. Speaking of songs, the opening and ending are really nice ! Opening by Buck-Tick "Kuchizuke" is nice ! Ending is "Walk no Yakusoku" by nangi. And the effect played (like grey screen or light effect)  put red eye and gloomy atmosphere forward *shivering*.

Sunako desuu ! and a nice picture

Continue to read the post to see the review of the ninth episode ! (And more details for one who don't know the serie at all)

 Nope, I didn't forget newcomers, so I also put the summary plot here !

During a fiercely hot summer in Sotoba, a peaceful and quiet village with a population of 1300 people, a series of bizarre deaths begin to occur. At the same time, a strange family moves into a long abandoned mansion in the region. Hospital dean Toshio Ozaki cannot figure out the cause of death in the deceased, initially suspecting an epidemic. As investigations continue between the hospital staff and the residents, it turns out that the village is being attacked by vampires.
I know, it's not a really sexy and attractive plot ^^' because that sound classical.

Well, sorry for making you wait, here come the review of the episode 9 of Shiki : Ninth Coffin.

We stopped with Natsuno's parent situation, as expected, what a sharped father he has, he can sense something bad in the little vampire. Well, if I was him, I think I could have the same reaction as him ... "creepy" would be my first thought.
Was really excited to see how it will turned, if Natsuno will come and see their parents sucked to death (but hey, it's too classic >.<) or to meet them and made an arrangement or threat ... Natsuna will definitively played with dead and his death.

But this episode is about Toshio's clinic. He finally accept the Vampire existence, because it was the missing part in this "illness". It has became coherent now. I thought Toshio would doubt of their existence as a scientific. But I think he has quite a open minded. But he need to affirm their existence and their action. So .. Setsuko will be the key to discover if he was right. And Toshio's friend, Seishin doubt ... no, it's more he wished to not believe in vampire or Okiagari because of Sunako who is part of them because vampire have all similar caracteristic (can't be expose to sun, ...etc.).

Well well ... ultimate failed for the doctor, his clinic was assaulted by them and Tatsumi who is really a special vampire (since he's free of normal vampire constraint) manage to get Setsuko from Toshio's hand. It seems the prey can be return to their normal state, but they need to be free of their hunters : Okiagari for almost 4 days.

Well, the question now, is why Toshio is still alive, why they keep him alive, with Seishin...
It seems Toshio won't reveal the truth now, for the moment or maybe Toshio will be a special sacrifice ? huhu, but that sound really classic for me.

Well, now I want to know more !! >.<


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