Gundam 00 news movie

I pass quickly on the blog to post some news ! I don't even have the time to look them carefully, I will just quote 19.04 seconds' post ! I would like to thanks my friend Soprano on Crunchyroll who post the link on the gundam group - Thanks to him, you can have this great news !


Hey Hey !! Who said it's the end of news .... Continue to look to see the information !


Animage :

Ribbons and Setsuna, drawn by Ikeda.

P44-5 New SE3 images are published along with descriptions.
Lyle is saved by a surprising? woman, and loiters around in space after the final battle
Tieria is the one who informs [the crew?] of the location of Exia (Setsuna), which had been floating about in space.
Seraphim had new parts added.

P46-7 Movie description, Meister designs and images.
*These are different from the ones in Animedia, rear views of the Meisters are included
Allelujah’s long hair has returned to it’s original length. {I guess it was just Sumeragi’s hair behind him after all?}

According to the article, the character that appeared in the end of the year countdown in a light blue suit without glasses was, in fact, Tieria.

P47 images from the countdown and newsflash are published.
*the newsflash images are pretty much identical to the ones in Animedia

Director Mizushima’s message appeared here too.
*However, for some reason, Director Mizushima has become “‘General’ Director Mizushima”
“The movie version that could be called 00’s final act. Since the entire staff is working hard on this new story, please look forward to it.”

In Qan[T]’s design, there’s the explanation “From the shoulder unit, a super-powerful beam can be [fired].”


Finally a date is announced. 9/2010.

Each of the Meisters and main characters have descriptions. Just the bits that caught my interest.
Illustrations of the designs of the 4 Meisters and images from the news flash that was shown at the countdown event are published. Along with [ones of] Harute, Raphael, and Zabaniya. In addition to an image of Qan[T] is Ebikawa’s design.

He who became a true Innovator decided to use his ability so that people can understand each other.

Tieria (the image is from the news flash. With the light blue suit and no glasses)
Although he sleeps since he quantized and became part of Veda, it seems that he’s protecting Veda.

Louise is still in the hospital. Allelujah was on a 2-year long pilgrimage and Lyle succeeds his brother’s dying wish. An image of the silver-haired Innovade wearing a Federation uniform was also published.
Other images from the countdown and new cuts from SE3 due out 2/23 were also published.

Some interesting news, really, but what I notice is this man with grey hair and Inno-glowing eyes. Is he a real innovator like Setsuna (hell yeah, I want him to be ...nice enemy then :) ) or a Innovado like the ribbons boysband (and some girls) ...or simply a human-inno like Louise who react like a rebel boy in his classroom :P
Well, it's not a good boy, I'm sure - just by looking his face but grey hair man can not be evil since I saw Sephiroth haha.