Penguins invading anime network ! Minori Scramble turn into anime

Yeah, I know the title is kinda a disaster type title ... no ? .. ah, thought so ... XD

Be serious now !
Since I didn't know at all about it, I will copy/paste the synopsis ^^ - credits to ANN
The "slapstick science comedy" revolves around Tamaki Kakegawa, a fifth-grade girl who dislikes penguins after having to deal with them so much because her father is a penguin researcher. The antics begin with the appearance of Minori, a penguinoid (penguin + android) created to overcome Tamaki's dislike of penguins.

And chain combo with the video below !

After watching the teaser, I got a sudden nostalgic feeling... Manabi Straight ! Yeah, I remember, this design, this feeling of "everything and idiocy can make anime" is here XD
Ufotable, I remember now, they do some nice thing ! I think with this little new animation, we will get some new fresh air of science-comedy anime.

But for the moment, they're still on the audition step ! Go Go Seiyuu !

source : ANN